Matthias Kurth

Boxed In is songwriter and producer Oli Bayston. Boxed In is that project, and it brings together Oli’s two greatest musical loves: Krautrock and house music. “The album has a bit of both of those two things combined,” he says, “But the principle focus is always the songs. I’m a slave to the songs and I try to incorporate my love of specific genres of music into that.”

There are themes of love, longing and loss that run all the way through his debut album, although he’s quick to point out that it’s “not a concept record.” He describes it instead as an “outer monologue, a small document of someone’s life over the last few years.” Having made a name for himself as a producer and songwriter, Oli now finds himself itching to get back on the road. Boxed in are looking forward to an imminent tour of the UK, Europe and the USA.