Wido von Wienskowski

Born in Santiago de Chile in 1990, producer Brous One became interested in beatmaking at the early age of 13, after a friend showed him the classic album “Stakes is High”.

With his 25 years, Brous One already has an impressive discography and has been part of many compilations (e.g. “Beat Power”) and has produced and remixed for some well-respected MC’s worldwide (Audio88, SmooVth, Sylabil Spill).

After releasing his first single, a collaboration with influential German rapper Retrogott, “Di Ay Ti Sí” (ENTBS, 2011), Brous caught the attention of German rap listeners. His first solo producer album “Un Momento en el Tiempo” (Vinyl Digital, 2012) shines with collaborations with both Chilean and German rappers such as Matiah Chinaski, Retrogott and Hulk Hodn, among others and was highly acclaimed by the underground worldwide. From there on, Brous hasn’t stopped releasing fresh material, but stays true to the classic flavor.