Matthias Kurth

Phra, aka Crookers, born in a small town in the Alps, and now lives in an equally tiny community in Switzerland, surrounded by a peace and quiet that is the polar opposite of the chaotic, brazen, in-your-face explosiveness of his production. His sound embodies in equal parts house, rap and weird: the now world-recognized and signature Crookers sound.

2014 we presented to you Phra’s third studio album “Sixteen Chapel”. ‘Sixteen Chapel’ isn’t entirely a new album, it’s actually more of the Crookers signature sound than ever before but in a new frame work.

Phra elaborates, “With this record I tried to take a time-machine into my past, into 2006, and project that moment into an alternative future, to re-conceive what directions my work would have taken in an alternative life. It is filled with collaborations because that is the Crookers way. The greatest thing about music is collaboration, especially when it is spontaneous and it arises from realadmiration and respect.”