Heyrocco formed in Chris Cool’s garage in South Carolina summer of 2010. There we began the journey, we meaning myself Nate Merli handling the mic, guitar, and business, Taco on drums/manual labor, and Chris Cool on bass/driving. We quit school and hit the road in pursuit of the rock n’ roll lifestyle for only there did we feel at home. Here we are, three vans and almost 300 shows later. We’ve traveled all over the country making friends and fans along the way, one show at a time. We play loud, we kiss girls, and we like to party. Our music is made up of honest pop songs for adolescent lovers, cause that’s what we are and that’s what we listen to. After spending the last few months in Nashville becoming what sounds like Sugar Ray on mushrooms recreating 90’s alternative rock, our debut record, Teenage Movie Soundtrack, is due out sometime later in 2014. It features songs about girls, drugs, being different, and awkward first sexual encounters.