Wido von Wienskowski

Cologne DJ and producer HulkHodn has known his way around the turntables for a while now. In his hometown he is among the most talented and most active in his field. And quite rightly so, since there has always been a lot going on around him. There are releases being published constantly that he contributed to: He released the widely celebrated album “Jetzt schämst du dich!” (engl. “Now you’re ashamed of yourself!”) as “Retrogott & HulkHodn” (formerly known as Huss&Hodn) with his partner in crime back in 2007. In 2009, the album “Der Stoff, aus dem die Regenschirme sind” (“The material umbrellas are made of”) followed and four years later “Fresh und umbenannt” (“Fresh and renamed”). All three of the albums were released by his Cologne Home-Label ENTBS. Listing all the festivals HulkHodn played at with Retrogott is unnecessary. But just a quick bit of name-dropping: They have been performing at the big festivals Splash!, HipHop Open, Spektrum and HipHop Kemp for years.