Jeremiah Jae


Jeremiah Jae is a visual artist, musician, producer, and emcee hailing from Chicago’s south side. Part of the CXLLECTIVE (Black Jungle Squad CXLLECTIVE) Jae released an 11 track EP entitled “Dxnce”, grabbing the attention of Warp Record’s Flying Lotus, who released his debut album “Raw Money Raps” on Brainfeeder, becoming first rapper on the prolific LA label.
Yo world. My name is Jeremiah Jae. My music is hear for you to listen, comment on, and be entertained. At the end of the day its all entertainment right? Naaaw son, Im really trying to reach the chakras, help heal and rid the body of musical toxins that are filling the frequencies of the planet today, and express freely and honestly through the platforms of hip hop, jazz, pop, rock, and healing frequencies. If you listen closely you can hear within each track the vibrations of god manifested into sound. So in honesty, the music I make is for the god heads. For my own enlightenment and struggles to be. Don’t get it twisted with some shit it isn’t. SO ARE YOU ENTERTAINED???? IF SSOO MORE MUSIC TO COME! I like to release shit on my own. I have people now, and non-corporate legitimate organizations that are supporting the art and music that Im making. So if you hear some compositions or songs that are crazy, know that In some shape or form, you will be able to purchase my music within the coming seasons. or (if your like me) steal my shit for yourself. But know this, if you steal my shit, shit might come back to you like them 44 shells of love and karma. POP POP! PEACE – jae