Niklas Magedanz

“Behind-the-Scenes Indie King” – LA Weekly

JOEL has been making a name for himself recording all up and coming bands and artists from the LA area. His studio has been a save haven for outfits like Cherry Glazerr, La Sera, Globelamp, Tashaki Miyaki, Sarah Negahdari from Happy Hollows, Froth, Mystic Braves, Darklands, L.A. Witch, Massenger or Peach Kelli Pop. The Silver Lake/Echo Park-based producer and engineer “Papa Joel” has been providing an inspiring studio atmosphere for his friends from the LA scene around Lolipop, Burger and Manimal Records, being the guy to always hit record at just the right time.

JOEL’s music easily evokes references such as MAC DEMARCO, BECK (of whom he even covered a song), DEERHUNTER or ARIEL PINK. His dreamy psych features wide background choirs full of reverb and warm vintage guitar sounds. JOEL is not the classic studio album artist: he shuffles songs around, re-records them, does exciting cover versions of tracks he loves: “I think of my songs like traditional songs from back in the day. Just songs that you can do a million different ways with no one way it should be played or recorded. Sometimes I get so excited or inspired by a sound or vibe that I pull out an old song and try to do it in that style.”