Wido von Wienskowski

With his last album With Julia, we left Kid Francescoli at the end of a story: the one he shared with the young American Julia Minkin, a singer he met in New York, incarnation of his fascination with the United States.

Their intimate but long-distance relationship via Internet generated an exchange of musical files and ideas which essentially constituted the recording of the album released in 2015. This modus operandi, so in tune with the times, accompanied the ‘electronicization’ of Kid Francescoli’s music. We first came to know the Marseille indie pop prodigy as a fan of dream pop and film soundtracks (Ennio Morricone in particular).

In his first album in 2006, his very personal approach echoed the cinematic and retro-futurists codes of the French Touch of Air or Sébastien Tellier. In his second album, It’s Happening Again, he was able to enrich this formula with accents of hip-hop and electro. Finally, under the guidance of the producer Simon Henner (Husbands, Nasser, French 79) for With Julia, he revealed himself to be a gifted creator of disco beats and catchy electronic tunes. Throughout his career, he has charmed us with his modest voice and playful way of orchestrating layered musical storylines and multiple influences.

With the album With Julia, Kid Francescoli’s music has affirmed its place in the pop universe of France and Europe, with more than 70 concerts on tour, as well as tracks on Radio Nova, Virgin Radio and Ouï FM. This was a prolific period: at the same time he took part in forming the side-project Husbands with his associates Oh! Tiger Mountain and Simon Henner alias French 79 (Nasser one-man-orches- tra). This seductive trio drew Kid into a more electro-pop register, which would contribute, alongside his remixes for NZCA Lines or Fool’s Gold created during the same interval, to strengthening his own productions.

In 2017, Play Me Again announces an unprecedented phase, both familiar and full of unexpected touches. This collection of songs tells the sequel of With Julia. The love story is over, the New York epiphany has disappeared but leaves room for a new personal and musical evolution. Julia is no longer the American lover, the fantasy made flesh, but has settled in Kid Francescoli’s hometown, Marseille. « With Julia evoking the end of our story, Play Me Again talks about its transformation into a musical bond, our growing complicity in writing, » confirms Mathieu alias Kid Francescoli. « Musical creation is at the forefront, our relationship evolves and that can be felt in the music. » Julia becomes the creative partner, the muse, the favorite instrument of an artist at the start of a new chapter. « Unlike the previous album, Julia does not appear in the title but has been very involved in the composition. I am not a master who composes for his muse, she writes her own lyrics and melodies, and will tour with me because we function as a duo. »