Wido Schmitz

Let’s start by stating the obvious: Luk&Fil are funky. Like, phon-key. Luk&Fil are Loki and Knowsum. Both born and raised in the mean streets of Mainz, DE, both have been soul mates since their first day of school.

They work together almost without words, in a zen-like, telekinetic way. Loki raps and practices the art of deep punches. It’s battle-rap-not-battle-rap – his lyrics are clear and on-point. At the same time, Loki has too much respect for his listeners to reach for pseudo-political punches and syllable counting. It’s the poetry of the middle finger, not a damn proseminar. Knowsum raps and makes beats. The fact that these don’t have anything to do with youth center gang throwbacks or innovation proverbs may have to do with the fact that Luk&Fil are and always have been funky.

But with all freshness: The basis of it all is to project what it means to have to find your place in the midst of the post-Nietzschean nightmare that holds no more that deep existential fear – unless one finds the right kind of being overwhelmed.

The new Luk&Fil Album was published this year. Food, safety and mental stability courtesy of Sichtexot.