Wido Schmitz

Sam Khatam aka Persian Empire started playing around with FLStudio and his Kaosspad 3 mainly because of boredom. He had no idea what he was doing, but soon made this naivity part of his signature sound – try, fail and try again. After three years, the young student realized he was becoming addicted to the brassy sounds, off-beat claps and well-placed moments of silence. As a young musician, Sam tried to bring like-minded people together by starting his own pigeon-themed record label Prrrrrrr. While establishing his own imprint, Persian Empire continued to release a steady stream of compositions via French label Cosmonostro and delight his audience with second-to-none live sets. For these, Sam uses nothing but his two loop machines and a beat machine, only ever knowing which will be the first and which will be the last track of his set. Sounds spontaneous? Check out his LeMellotron live set with his fellow label buddy Neue Grafik that the two played having only known each other for 3 days!