Wido von Wienskowski


“Happiness is around the corner, if you just look for it!” Tété.

Welcome to Tété’s world. Having sold 500.000 records throughout the world, this french acoustic poet, seasoned live performer and songwriter is looking out to expand his horizon. If many compared him to the likes of Ben Harper, Tete remains Tete, with his strong, melodic, blues tainted quirlky songs.

With his new album, the French folk singer tells us the tale of « a man who faces the violence of reality. Song after song, he learns how to change his vision of the world. “A personal quest through meandering in our society and the excesses of consumption. Tété drew this story from his own: “At 40 years old, you realize that if you had the chance to live so much experiences, you want to share them.”

Les Chroniques de Pierrot Lunaire reveals Tété’s love for roots blues and folk, and his clear and intense voice. “At the beginning of the last century, there was no electricity: with their bare voice and instruments, some guys could make a 100 people dance!” There is no doubt Tété can move even more people!