The Bloody Beetroots


Bloody Beetroots is about electronic contemporary music,” Rifo says. “My challenge this time is to give values and colors to contemporary music.”In this sense, HIDE is nothing less than a categorical re-envisioning of electronic music for dancefloors, lifestyles and provocation – not always in that order. “My intent is to collect cultural elements to fill what I see as a hole in the current generation’s sensibilities. I wanted to work with greats of the past to rediscover the pleasure of making music, of listening to it, of enjoying the process,” Rifo says. “History teaches us that the waiting and expectation are two allies to forge emotions and frustrations – for both the listener and for composer.”There’s something as perfect as it is ambitious about four generations of rock legends in Paul and Peter, Penny and Tommy being here, along with P-Thugg, Sam Sparro and Theophilus’ various fingerprints of modern soul funk. Or having the elegiac “Chronicles of a Fallen Love” amid floor-burning tracks like the frequency firefight that is “Rocksteady,” the soaring “Albion,” and most of all, “Spank,” a phantasmagoric fairy-dusted freakout of powerdrill bass and ballroom blitzing which shows Rifo forming an unholy trinity with Germany’s TAI and Dutch producer Bart B More to deliver a jawdropping update of the classic BBR sound.