How can you make something familiar sound fresh and new again ? From Gentilly on the outskirts of Paris, France, Theo Lawrence & The Hearts might very well know how. As intimate as a whisper, as powerful as a church house cry, that band has the power to transport you in another world – one more soulful and magnificent.

The tunes of Theo Lawrence & The Hearts reach out to the people on a deeper level than what you usually get. You donʼt just stumble upon those songs, they get under your skin, inside your brain, and thereʼs no labelling that. It burns with the purity of R&B, the story-telling of Country Music, the rawness of Rock & Roll. Call it what you want, they just tell it like it is, with stories that touch the hearts of ordinary people. Theo Lawrence can knock out the audience, delivering outstanding vocal interpretations. Filled with infectious love, The Hearts pulsating grooves are gritty and timeless. They hit you right into the soul, beyond what you can expect from any carefully crafted musical project. In these troubled times, as the world does seem cold and plastic, you can tell those guys do the music they love.