Wido von Wienskowski

“Cynicism is the last act of desperation. For some it may be a necessary defense mechanism, but I perceive it as a sign of weakness in others.”Tufu is not the misanthropist many people tend to see him as. Neither is he a slacker socialized by German rap with a tendency to esoteric insults. Just don’t talk nonsense and he’ll be cool with you. Tufu has been influenced by a myriad of genres from hardcore, krautrock and jazz to artists like Mike Patton and Dimlite mixing and matching genres and artists from all over the place. Introducing Madlib to Tom Waits on “Abdoom und Unraum” and practicing the all-German art of involved periods, Tufu created a truly unmistakable sound. And as if this wasn’t enough, he is also cult leader of sichtexotism – in other words, co-founder of Sichtexot, one of the most tasteful German indie labels.