We are the SSC Music Group, an owner-managed music agency from Düsseldorf. We don’t fit into a box. We have been lead by our love of popular culture and the passion with which we manage our projects for 20 years.

Our services range from comprehensive festival production over catering and shop openings to the simple provision of a music system – we can provide the right solution for everyone.
Our partners are big and small lifestyle brands that are inextricably connected to music. They value our standards of quality and attention to detail as well as our honest consultation.

What is our spirit animal? Probably the truffle pig.

“The SSC Music Group combines its passion for popular culture and music with its everyday business. We create stories big and small with the best international pop artists and newcomers, provide unique experiences and innovative cultural space. We are convinced that high-quality events attract audiences alike.”

The SSC Music Group unites a network of music, event and consulting experts. We offer customized communication solutions surrounding popular culture and events. Since all experts are based in one central location they are able to connect their skills at all times.


Hamed Shahi


Markus Jansen

Booking Rhein-Konzerte

Claudia Fourmont


Charlotta Hilliges

Auszubildende Rhein-Konzerte

Oliver Korthals

Head of Rhein-Konzerte

Manuel Kalb

Head of Marketing

Melissa Merta

Local Production Rhein-Konzerte

Bernhard Rupprecht

Technical Director

Felix Wursthorn

Agent & Promoter / Festival Booker

Tina Boric

Trainee Rhein-Konzerte

Martina Feldmann-Müsch


Jörg Sasse


Denise Dippold

Assistenz Rhein-Konzerte


SSC Music Group GmbH

Birkenstrasse 71
40233 Düsseldorf

Phone +49 (0) 211 544 713 0


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